The SIGHT-SINGING books (vol. 1-3) consist of more than 700 ear training melodies and exercises. As you progress through the exercises, the difficulty will increase steadily.

SIGHT-SINGING is a modern ear training system, which makes use of solfège – undeniably the most recognized sight-reading method. By using this system, the student can learn to hear and sing a melody line, simply by reading the notes.

Very little prior knowledge is required of the student. Even if the book is used for independent study, with no help from a music teacher, the student need only know the names of the notes and how to find them on the piano. [space height=”10″]

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Solfège Syllables Overview

The heart of the solfège system is the major scale.
In terms of notes, with the C as the “do”, it will look like this:

C major scale/C ionian:


If we want to sing in a minor key, we have to lower or “flatten” the third, sixth and seventh step. This is done by exchanging the existing vowel with the vowel “e”:

C minor scale/C aeolian:


On the other hand, if we want to raise or “sharpen” the note, we will change the vowel to an “i”. This brings us to the chromatic scale:

C chromatic scale:


In other words, if the note is sharpened we change the vowel to an “i”.
If the note is flattened, the vowel becomes an “e”. The only exception is “re” that when flattened becomes “ra”.


Download a free demo of Sight-Singing Volume 1 here:

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