The Sight-Singing books

Sight-Singing: Volume 1, The Pentatonic Scale

In this book (vol. 1), we will focus on the major pentatonic scale. In other words, we will begin our journey by practicing the syllables: do-re-mi-so-la. It is just five notes – but that is still enough to have a lot of fun.

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Sight-Singing: Volume 2, The Major Scale

In this book (vol, 2), we will learn to master the major scale. In other words, we will practice the wellknown syllables: do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do.

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Sight-Singing: Volume 3, The Minor Scales

In this book (vol, 3), we will work with the minor keys. Learn to master the beautiful sounds of the Aeolian, the Pentatonic, the Harmonic and the Melodic minor scales.

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